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Times of India : PDA helps save 10mins per customer.
The technology helps save at least 10 minutes per customer It also keeps me informaed about food stock, with qualtiy and quick service in hotels.

Times of India : Tech all the way.
It enables fast service as KOT (Kitchen order table) is directly sent to kitchen, bar and also the cash counter, Shetty Said "We have two floors, a conference hall, and a terrace. therefore, it is tiring and time consuming for the waiter to run up and down, communicating the food order to the kitchen and cash counter,"

Times of India : With PDA in hand, waiter go hi-tech.
Do not be surprised to see a captain jotting down the order not on his customary notepad, but on his PDA - personal digital assistant for the uninitiated.

DNA : Tantalizing food the tech way.
"the order is digitally taken donw on a palm pilot using a stylus. the order is then electronically transferred into the kitchen right to the chefs".

Economic Times : Happier Meals
"Captain Pad, a handheld-based system, could make your dining-out experieeence smoother and more enjoyable".

At Baner Road Restaurant, Waiter Wave e-palm device
"All waiter carry electronic palm devices which they will feed with customer orders. It will directly be transferred to the concerned department, be it the kitchen or the bar"

Maharashtra Herald : Speedy service
The system helps monitor the whole restaurant and increase overall efficiency too. CaptainPad is also perfect for the management of chain restarurants from a single location as it helps manage accounts and purchase.


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